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It was all a dream. We usta read Word Up magazine...

But seriously ...


We are artists, & we dreamed of So Dope Tees in 2010 - a curated shop where funny sayings & witticisms live on clothing, where inspirations & ideas can walk around, where thoughts live out loud...


This idea for spreading good ideas incubated for 8 years before emerging as the So Dope Tees you see today. In that time, we learned as much about turning a good phrase as we did making it look the part to turn heads.


At So Dope, we not only appreciate a well-crafted phrase,  we especially prize well-crafted handiwork.


We are aficionados of excellence, so the quality of our shirts, hats, and other products are as deliberately curated as the quality of our art.


Always original; Always So Dope.

Join the revolution.




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